Caldera Circulation Pump

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Caldera Spas Replacement Circulation Pump for all models

Replaces all Caldera Spas Circulation Pump From 2002 To Current

115V, 50-60HZ 3/4" Barb, 5-1/2" Length, 5" Tall



  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Unplug the circulation pump from the control box.
  4. If the spa is filled with water, clamp the circulation pump inlet and outlet tubing with Hose Clamp Pliers.
  5. Remove the bonding wire and base bracket screws.
  6. Using Spring Clamp Pliers, slide the spring clamps located on the inlet and outlet fittings back onto the vinyl tubing.
  7. Remove the vinyl tubing from the pump inlet and outlet fittings.
  8. Disconnect the electrical cord for the old pump. Take note of the electrical hookup.


  1. Install the electrical cord onto the new pump.
  2. Reverse steps 3 to 7 of the Circulation Pump Removal instructions.
  3. Check for water leaks.
  4. Reconnect power to the spa.
  5. Perform a water flow test. (1 GALLON WITH 20 SECONDS)
  6. Check for any air in the plumbing lines. If air does not clear, bleed off the air at the closest tubing clamp.
  7. Reinstall the equipment compartment door.