I Featured our original logo from 1983 to remember when this all started.

Actually, I was not even 3 years old yet, so I would not have really known what it was all about. I do, however, share my excitement to finally have our online store open with all our family of customers! I would like to extend a coupon code for your first purchase. 

Please Take 10% off by entering NEWTUB10 at checkout.

I am here every morning for Hot Tub Chat, I would love to see any comments and answer any questions you have.


             Michael Inclan




  • Leslie Jacks

    Needing to get some oxidizer and spa soda ash! You have been sold out on line for some time. Are these in the store on 1604 or where can I order?
  • Larry Anderson

    Hi Michael, I assume you are the one responsible for and monitoring this site. Hope all is well with you and family.
    Left message at SWHTUBZ@GMAIL.COM address. Didn’t know if you would get it or Jason or Wanda.
    Please review if possible and let me know anything you can. Appreciate it.

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